Main Street from Above, Buffalo, NY (vertical)

Excursions by trolley

The entire street-car system and nearly all the suburban lines are under the control of one organization, the International Traction Company. One five-cent fare pays for a ride from one point to any other point, however remote, within the city. This company has 325 miles of track and 735 cars, requiring 8,500 horse-power (most of it transmitted directly from Niagara Falls) to operate them.

Boats of the International Navigation Company make regular trips between Ferry Street, Buffalo, and Niagara Falls. A boat and rail-belt line ticket affords a trip of delightful variety. Buffalo is midway between New York and Chicago, and is generally regarded as the greatest railway center of the world. The passenger service consists of about 250 trains daily. Many important railway systems have their terminals here and their stations are situated in the heart of the downtown area. Some of the rail companies include the New York Central, at 121 Exchange Street; the Erie, at the corner of Exchange and Michigan Streets; the Lehigh Valley, at 119 Washington Street, near Scott Street; and the Grand Trunk, at 157 Erie Street, corner of the Erie Canal.

Reprinted from
The Pan-American Exposition and how to see It
by Mark Bennitt (1901)

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Main Street from Above, Buffalo, NY (vertical)

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Main Street from Above, Buffalo (vertical)