Hello.  We are BuffaloHistory.com

We Make History Beautiful

Why do we do it?

Because we Love History. Specifically, our Visual History.

The Places Around Us, and the  Spaces that Surround Us


But we don’t believe it should be reserved for museums, or tucked away in archives and attics.
We believe history should be explored, embraced and honored in our daily lives.  


That’s why we’re bringing it to YOU. 

We’ve combed through collections, books, and archives
searching for images that connect you to Buffalo 
maps that help you rediscover the origins of place, 
posters and ads that evoke a nearly lost moment in time.


 We know what we’ve found is special, and we hope you do too.


We’ve curated a catalog to bring these rediscovered relics of our collective past back into your life.
Whatever your style, we’re certain you’ll be inspired by the finely crafted art of past generations.

Our ancestors created these images, and drafted these designs, with their own two hands. 


We believe they deserve to live on. 


Give historic art new life.