Frozen Niagara Falls

Frozen Niagara Falls

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Frozen Niagara Falls
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  • Frozen Niagara Falls

    Niagara Falls once have been Frozen in 1911, during an extended winter cold snap, it naturally formed ice sculpture, the phenomenon has been known as "Ice Bridge".

    In winter of 1934 the "ice bridge" phenomenon was expected to happen again but only half of the waterfall was frozen.

     As reported in the Buf­falo Express newspaper:

    "The Falls of Nia­gara can be com­pared to noth­ing but a mere mill dam this morn­ing. In the mem­ory of the old­est inhab­i­tants, never was there so lit­tle water run­ning over Niagara’s awful precipice, as at this moment! Hun­dreds of peo­ple are now wit­ness­ing that which never has, and prob­a­bly never may again be wit­nessed on the Nia­gara River. Last night at 11 o’clock the fac­to­ries fed from the waters of this majes­tic river were in full oper­a­tion, and at 12 o’clock the water was shut off, the wheel sud­denly ceased their rev­o­lu­tions, and every­thing was hushed into silence. Var­i­ous are the con­jec­tures as to the cause; the most rea­son­able of which is that Lake Erie must be mak­ing a grand deliv­ery of ice, and this the mouth of the Nia­gara, although large, is not quite enough to take in the whole at once, and that the con­se­quences are, back water."


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